WHO myth-busting Covid19 banners in Nigerian Pidgin

English: We realise most messages about Coronavirus are in English, and many centre around Western culture and appearance–so we’re reaching out to our Pidgin-speaking Nigerians to bust some of the most common fake news.

Fake news and myths around COVID-19 can cost lives. To counter fake news and myths, SDN is  sharing accurate information from verified sources like WHO, Rivers PHEOC, Bayelsa PHEOC, and Delta PHEOC. Make sure you only share posts from these sources to prevent fake news and myths spreading and harming friends that follow you on social media.

Pidgin: We don see say nearly all the messages way dey comot about Coronavirus na so so oyibo English them use dey talk am. So this week, we go dey nack our followers tori about those lie lie news way people dey talk about Coronavirus every time.

Lie lie news and lie lie beliefs about COVID-19 fit make plenty people die o, to make sure say people no die from lie lie news and beliefs, SDN go dey nack una ogbonge tori from authorities wey sabi the truth like WHO, RiversPHEOC, BayelsaPHEOC, and DeltaPHEOC. Make una only dey share posts from these ogbonge people o, so we feet stop lie lie news make e no injure our friends wey dey follow us. 

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