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Webinar: How do the oil companies compare?

Nigerian oil industry environmental performance index

Wednesday 01.07.2020 from 2pm-3pm (GMT+1)



In 2018 alone, more than 25,000 barrels—4 million litres—of oil were spilled in the Niger Delta, and nearly half a billion cubic feet of gas was flared. But how do the oil companies involved compare?

On Wednesday 01 July at 14:00-15:00 (GMT+1), we talk you through our new research in a Zoom webinar, comparing the environmental performance of 43 oil companies operating in the Niger Delta–both in absolute terms, and relative to how much oil they extracted. 

We want our research to support a constructive discussion with oil companies and the Nigerian government on how pollution can be minimised to help bring the long-running environmental problems in the region to an end. 

Joining instructions

This webinar will take place over Zoom. A joining link will be automatically emailed to you after you register for the webinar.

If you are new to Zoom or experience technical issues accessing this Zoom meeting, read our joining instructions which contains staff contact details for support on the day.

SDN’s new flagship report, the Nigerian environmental performance index (the Index), provides a…

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