SDN Shaping Development Conversations in the Niger Delta through Radio and Social Media


Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN), was established as a non-governmental not-for-profit organization in 2004 with the mission to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights-based community empowerment. SDN strives to protect human rights and demand responsive governance.

SDN has carried out enormous projects in the Niger Delta Region that have brought smiles on the faces of community people directly impacted and they are still doing more. One of the major tools SDN has used to achieve this is the media.  

The media, often referred to as the fourth estate of the realm, is a very vital partner for government and non-government organizations to help ensure a coordinated response and reach out to the masses in the most effective way

SDN currently hosts a radio program under its “Dutch Environment and Governance Framework for the Niger Delta” to help amplify the voices of Niger Deltans on the need to create room for sustainable development with the following theme: Our Environment, Our Democracy! 

The radio program is aired on Nigeria’s first talk radio station, Nigeria Info Fm (92.3Fm) Port Harcourt every Tuesday by 4pm-5pm (West African Time) and also on TodayFm 95.1 every Wednesday 4pm-5pm (West African Time). Select episodes will also be posted on our Soundcloud page (

The conversation is also on Social media via Twitter and Facebook. Social Media will serve as a medium to sensitise people whilst disseminating information to key stakeholders expected to influence the change SDN and the “Dutch Environment and Governance Framework for the Niger Delta” stands for.

For each episode of “Our Environment, Our Democracy” on radio, one new guest is invited to identify and clarify issues relating to good governance and sustainable development. Listeners are also given the opportunity to phone-in and contribute their opinion on important issues relating to their lives and their region.

Join the conversation!

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