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SDN puts electoral candidates on the hot-spot in Niger Delta

As part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the election process, the SDN elections team has staged a live radio town hall in Port Harcourt on the theme: ‘Employment and Economic Growth in Rivers State’. Participants included aspirants for the office of governor of Rivers State and their party representatives, community representatives, CSO, media, and security agencies.

The aim of the event was to allow persons who aspire to lead Rivers State to come together for a fact-based debate on the real issues affecting the people of the state, and by extension the Niger Delta, and set performance targets for citizens to hold them to account in the near future.

Local radio station NigeriaInfo PH provided a live feed to their studio so the discussions could reach audiences outside the hall. Radio audiences were allowed to call in with questions for the aspirants. Responses were aired live and recorded for future reference. Facebook and Twitter platforms were also used to recieve questions and post responses.

This question and answer format,pioneered by SDN in the Delta, where high profile political aspirants or influential people are put in front of an audience and the discussions broadcast live on the radio, is strengthening public debate prior to the upcoming elections.

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