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Piloting aquaculture livelihoods

Although male-dominated, women tend to be heavily involved in the marketing and sale of artisanally refined products. This project selected participants from surrounding communities, focusing on women at risk of participating in the artisanal oil industry, who had some experience in aquaculture. 40 participants in total, of which 24 were ...
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Artisanal Oil refining in the Niger Delta

Real stories from ex-participants in the informal oil industry permeating the Creeks in the Niger Delta. See our graphic guide to understanding the industry, or read our in-depth More Money, More Problems report on the growth of the industry between 2012-2017 ...
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SDN visits oil-impacted Biseni community

In 2018, SDN visited Biseni, a community in Bayelsa State, to learn more about the local impact of the oil industry. We spoke to community members about the challenges they face. Oil pollution is a major issue in the Niger Delta, with millions of people depending on land and water ...
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Rice growing agricultural pilot

This agricultural pilot was carried out as part of a programme to test and promote viable, sustainable, and decent livelihood alternatives to the burgeoning artisanal oil industry. Find out more about the project. Read our press release to learn more about the aims of this pilot. Published: 11.12.2019 ...
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‘Nowhere to Run’ Trailer – Climate Change in Nigeria

The mounting consequences of climate change are taking their toll on Nigeria, from different angles: desertification in the north, deforestation in the south east, oil pollution and flooding in the south-south and erosion in the middle belt. Without effective policies in place to mitigate the impacts, the poor and vulnerable ...
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TV series: Dawn in the Creeks

A reality TV series, Dawn in the Creeks, commissioned by SDN, documented the transformation of 21 young people living in the Niger Delta who had been involved in violence in the past. The young participants creatively tell their personal stories of adversity and of turning away from violence towards peaceful ...
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