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A voters’ guide to the Bayelsa governorship election on 16th November 2019

What is accreditation, and why do I need to be accredited on election day to vote? This is to ensure that only people who are registered to vote can do so, and that only one vote is cast per person. To do this, present your PVC to the INEC Polling ...
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Aquaculture: how to guide

This is a practical guide, aimed at existing and new aquaculture farmers, to scale up available opportunities in the fish farming market by providing step by step instructions from how to set up a commercial fish farm through to sale at local markets, including: capturing, culturing, processing, and aggregators ...
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The artisanal oil industry: a graphic guide.

This graphic guide illustrates the stages of the value chain in the artisanal oil industry. The value chain Crude oil pipeline tapping – vulnerable infrastructure is easily accessed to fix a tap to a pipeline or well head to siphon crude oil to export or supply refining camps. Locations ...
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Case studies: How community voices create change

SDN has published three case studies looking at how communities can work together to support social change. The case studies highlight how advocacy groups in Kpite, Nonwa, and Ogu have lobbied their local authorities to implement key infrastructure projects in their area. The case studies highlight that while social ...
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Budget Processes Guide

This Guide explains how the government budget process works in Nigeria, and how communities in the Niger Delta can try and influence this process to support their needs. The aim of the guide is to encourage Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and communities to monitor government financial planning and expenditure, ...
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2019 Election: Voter Toolkit

This voter toolkit has been produced to empower individuals and communities with critical information about the 2019 elections in accessible formats and regularly promoted over social media, with physical copies presented to communities in key areas. How to Protect Your Vote How To Cast Your Vote on Election ...
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