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Research on women’s participation in politics in the Niger Delta

Call for Expression of Interest


Women’s participation in politics in Nigeria and the Niger Delta region is peculiar, particularly the low number of women in elected positions, and the lack of response to prioritized concerns of women and girls’ in political decision making which contributes to the continued social and economic marginalization of women and girls in Nigeria. This problem is pressing because the marginalization of women in Nigerian politics can be linked to the failure of the government to adequately address issues critical to women and there are limited opportunities for women to constructively engage with elected representatives to raise their concerns and persuade them to take action.

The 1985 Beijing declaration states that 30% of all positions in government should be given to women. In Nigeria, the National Gender Policy (NGP) declares 35% minimum gender representation. These policies are yet to be implemented in Nigeria as there is a continuing trend of male domination of political and other public positions and discrimination of women using party constitutions that relegate women to the background. In order to contribute in changing the narratives and projecting more women in the political space, a baseline research on situation analysis of current status of women’s engagement in politics across Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Rivers state will be conducted showing statistics of women’s participation in politics; both in appointive and elective positions. The research will also cover a comparative analysis of data from 2015 and after the 2019 elections across the three states. This will include stakeholder mapping of key groups and individuals involved in promoting or blocking women’s engagement in politics such as political parties / politicians, consultations with key CSOs, desk and primary research in each of the three states.

SDN is looking for research organizations (not individuals) with the skill and expertise in conducting research and documentation.


Interested organizations should submit the following documents,

  1. A research proposal (Max 2 pages- check annex)
  2. An organizational profile demonstrating evidence of previous research in the Niger Delta region.
  3. Evidence of capacity to manage a multi-state research within a short time-frame. This includes CVs of technical staff who would conduct the research

To apply for this  consultancy, send the above listed requirements as an attachment to kenny.oleru@stakeholderdemocracy.org CC flora@stakeholderdemocracy.org with “APPLICATION TO CONDUCT RESEARCH” as the subject of the mail.

Application Deadline: 12:00pm, February 13th, 2019

The full Terms of Reference should be referred to before applying for this consultancy opportunity.

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