Report series: Public perceptions of security dynamics & stabilisation interventions in the Niger Delta

For over 15 years, SDN has worked with communities and stakeholders in the Niger Delta, tackling issues related to the impact of the oil and gas sector on the region. During this time, we have investigated security issues in the region relating to political unrest—in particular, around elections, militancy (including attacks on the extractives sector), cultism, and kidnapping.

In 2017, we began monitoring the security situation in communities through administering a bi-annual public perception survey, in an attempt to raise awareness of the concerns and priorities of those living in the Niger Delta.

The surveys have been conducted in Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers states in the Niger Delta, where most of SDN’s work is focused. For each survey, approximately 300 participants (~100 per state) were asked questions relating to the security situation in their state over the past six months.

Updated: 14.10.2020

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