Repentant cult gang members – alternative livelihoods in the Niger Delta

SDN partnered with Pax Viva to demobilise and reintegrate cult gang members back into society. This process has been ongoing in Ogoni land since 2016, and reached 4,700 repentant cultists, with an 80% success rate on reintegration. A small group (10%) received economic reintegration support, which reinforced progress.

Cultism is a deadly phenomenon in the Niger Delta, especially in Rivers state. It leads to crime and violence, and the public views it as the number one driver of instability. Lack of alternative economic opportunities is one of the main drivers, and this process demonstrated options for government to address the issue.

Lessons from this initiative, and from similar projects in the region, have informed the development of an implementation model for government to address cultism, and invites stakeholders to engage with this. This was created by SDN and other non-government and government actors in the Niger Delta, and we are actively seeking support to take this forwards.

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Posted: 22.07.2020

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