Our work

Our work

Protecting the environment and addressing climate impacts

We aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of the oil and gas sector, support climate adaptation and mitigation, and ensure a just transition to a green economy. Our work includes documenting the extent of pollution and climate emissions; working with environmental regulators to support oil spill clean-up; supporting communities to address climate impacts, for example, through climate smart agriculture and biodiversity protection; and supporting the National Assembly to improve environmental legislation.

Fostering sustainable livelihoods

We strive to demonstrate the potential of economic opportunities outside
of the oil and gas sector, and support vulnerable young people who are
making a living in risky ways to enter safe, dignified work. We work in
some of the most difficult locations in the Niger Delta, running livelihoods
projects to demonstrate their potential to communities, development
donors, the government, and the private sector.

Promoting good governance

We support local civil society organisations and the public to
hold government and oil and gas companies to account, and
aim to ensure everyone in the Niger Delta can participate in
free, fair, and credible elections. Our work includes election
observation and reporting, supporting women to engage in
politics, and working with communities to engage government
to access budgets and plans, and to demand better services in
response to their needs.

Supporting peace and security

We advocate to persuade the government and oil and gas
companies to listen to the concerns of those living in the Niger
Delta, and to deliver long-term development interventions. Our
work includes supporting dialogue and mediation between local
communities, engaging in policy work with the government, and
working with at-risk groups to reduce local conflicts, such as
those arising from cultism, and intra-communal violence.

Across all of our work, we act on the basis of our core principles:

  • To raise the voices of those living in the Niger Delta and put their perspectives and experiences at centre of our work
  • To promote gender equality and to widen participation, inclusion and non-discrimination for all groups
  • To maintain independence and engage across all actors to identify opportunities to promote peace and development
  • To be transparent and accountable to those we work in the interest of
  • To be adaptable and responsive when political opportunities arise