Open call to documentary makers (Port Harcourt)

Call for proposals:

Produce a documentary video of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta, Nigeria


Midnight 04 November 2019


Five months


Your proposed budget must not exceed NGN1,000,000; 70% of which will be paid at the contract commencement, with the remaining 30% paid upon delivery.


Professionally produce two short documentary videos on the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub.


To produce videos that will be used as an advocacy tool to display the processes and successes of the Hub, and encourage its replication on a larger scale, and importantly provide an advertising tool for the Hub, to seek further funding, investment and partnerships with local and international bodies

Target audience:

Video A – potential international funders and local partners. Video B–potential participants.


  • Submit a storyboard and script for documentary video A and video B to SDN for approval before filming. Revise in accordance with feedback.
    • Deadline for draft of both videos: two weeks after contract agreement.
    • Deadline for revised, finalised storyboard and script for both videos: One week later.
  • Present draft documentary videos to SDN and Innovation Hub members.
    • Deadline for draft: video A– 06 December 2019; video B–21 February 2020.
    • Deliver second draft documentary one week later, incorporating feedback before finalising.
  • Video A: A 2-4 minute overview of all the Innovation Hub work – i.e. the Centre, business start ups programme, training and community meet ups.
    • Format: MP4, final editable video, and raw footage.
    • Total videos x1. Runtime approx 3-5 minutes.
    • Deadline: January 2020.
  • Videos B: 1x 30-60sec promo of the incubation programme at the Innovation Hub, 1×30-60sec digital support offered at the hub, and 2x 30-60sec profiles of business start ups participating in the incubation programme at the Innovation Hub, documenting the journeys of two business start-ups through the programme from start to graduation. This will need to run to the end of the incubation programme. The 1x promo video should feature interviews of previous programme graduates. 
    • Format: MP4, final editable video, and raw footage.
    • Total videos x4. Each video runtime 30-60 seconds.
    • Deadline: mid-March 2020.

How to apply

  • Send three links to samples of previous work, demonstrating relevant previous video production.
  • Send three references (with contact information) from previous clients.
  • Provide a detailed list, with technical information, of the equipment you would intend to use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc. (to be provided by you).
  • Send a list of the individual/team names, with CVs, and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the production of the documentary.

Email your proposal to and copy

Published: 23/10/2019

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