Ogoniland clean-up dashboard

Tracking progress

Welcome to our dashboard tracking key indications of progress with HYPREP’s clean-up of historic oil spills in Ogoniland, Rivers State in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

This dashboard is updated every 3 months with the most up-to-date data available to us. This data is a combination of 2 sources:

  1. Data collection by a team of independent community monitors supported by SDN.
  2. Data reported by HYPREP. HYPREP’s records are checked by SDN and CERHD staff at HYPREP’s offices.

This dashboard is part of our Monitoring the Ogoni clean-up project

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The dashboard shows a selection of key indicators. Download our full data-set of indicators as a spreadsheet.

See our gallery which will later feature interviews of SDN, community members, and monitors.

Dashboard updated with data collected in June 2021

Number of lots handed over to
contractors for remediation


Number of sites where contractor is
visibly active, as reported by our
own civil society monitors


Number of sites reported as
successfully completed and
certified by NOSDRA


Number of lots reported completed but independent analysis show contaminant levels greater than permitted levels


HYPREP clean-up sites

Status of active clean-up sites

Community water provision

Soil remediation volumes

Community employment

Community members employed

Average community satisfaction with HYPREP

Score [1=completely dissatisfied 5=completely satisfied]

Average community satisfaction with site clean-up by contractor

Score [1=completely dissatisfied 5=completely satisfied]

This dashboard and the Monitoring the Ogoni clean-up project is delivered in partnership with CEHRD, a non-profit working on environmental, human rights, health, and community development challenges in the Niger Delta.

This dashboard and the Monitoring the Ogoni clean-up project are funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Updated: 29.09.2021

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