NIDAN anti-corruption network gathers strength

Flora Asieri in Port Harcourt reports

The Niger Delta Anticorruption Network (NIDAN) paid courtesy visits to the leadership of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Nigerian Bar Association(NBA), Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) and the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNW) in a bid to mobilize them in joining the fight against corruption.

In a statement made by the NIDAN Secretary, Mrs. Rita Kigbara,“NIDAN in a nutshell is a coalition of individuals and groups coming together to achieve a common objective – in this case – fighting corruption… it’s a coalition that we are building so we need professional bodies like yours to be part of what we do, everyone has a role to play to see how we can begin to stand up for what is right and equally demand that government does right….”

To indicate their interest, the NSE Chairman, Engr. Kombo Theophilus Johnson stated thus: “We would like to be a part of NIDAN and help society; what we stand for is to ensure that all engineering projects are done the way they are supposed to be, we have started doing our own bit with the introduction of the PIFAC committee that ensures all engineering projects follow the right procedure from inception stage to execution ”

Furthermore, Engr. Ogariawo mentioned that;“A lot of emphasis is being made on government but we as a people should re-evaluate our value system, when corruption is seen as repugnant to us, then people will begin to disassociate themselves from corrupt practices… government is made up of human beings, if you take a criminal and put there, he is still a criminal. So our value system must be addressed.”

In addition, the Chair person, National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives- NANNM, Rivers Branch; Comr. Regina Kuru stated that “…we must contribute our quota in eradicating corruption…” and it indeed was a successful visit as the response gotten from the Bodies/Unions was positive.

The fight against corruption starts with you and I. If citizens are sensitized and mobilized to start challenging the status-quo that has plunged the Niger Delta and the nation at large into a never-ending dark tunnel of degradation, poverty and embezzlement of public funds, then rays of hope will break the current trend, thereby making government accountability and transparency a watchword.

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