Kpite community grateful to SDN for STAND ICT unit

The centre continues to train students in ICT and related areas.

The centre continues to train students in ICT and related areas.

On a recent visit to Kpite by SDN to carry out a Town Hall meeting on the upcoming elections, SDN staff were thanked by the Paramount Ruler for chosing his community as part of the STAND project back in 2010. From SDN’s Timipere Felix in Port Harcourt:

The people were full of praise for SDN over the establishment of the STAND ICT Centre in their community. Kpite is one of the four beneficiaries of the STAND Project but are the only community that has properly managed the centre and sustaining it from generated proceeds. From the community meeting space where the computers and other facilities were accommodated the centre has moved to a permanent and suitable structure donated by the MDGs.

The Paramount Ruler of the community, His Royal Highness Samuel Nnee said he, like members of the community would not hold back their gratitude to SDN for bringing the ICT centre to Kpite. In his words:

”We cannot stop saying thank you to SDN for choosing our community as beneficiary of the STAND ICT project. A good number of our people and neighbours have been empowered by the centre. As you must have seen the centre has moved to a permanent located built and donated by the MDGs. We have also upgraded the facilities there. Many individuals and organizations that have been impressed by our handling of the centre have offered to make more donations. At the moment politics is the focus so we will wait till after the elections then we approach them to fulfil their promises”.

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