Improving Oil Spill Response in Nigeria

Comparative analysis of the forms, data and related processes of the Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) and suggestions on how these could be improved.

A Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) is a visit to oil spill sites usually carried out within two weeks of an onshore oil spill in Nigeria. It is designed to assess the cause of the spill, the amount spilled and the scale and extent of damage and environmental impact. JIVs are usually attended by a cross representation of oil companies, regulatory agencies and communities.

This report examines the Joint Investigation Visit in Nigeria and the forms that are completed by the various parties during this visit. It is primarily focussed on analysing the first stages of onshore oil spill notification and response, and how this might be streamlined through a revised process and improved data collection.

This report then places the administrative process within wider concerns about the JIV process and the inadequacy of oil spill response in the Niger Delta; making recommendations for the improvement of the JIV in terms of its reliability, accuracy, viability and accountability towards the greater protection of the environment.

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