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Elections Report 01

Released on 03/12/18

This is the first weekly report of Niger Delta Watch 2019. Niger Delta Watch 2019 is a citizen-led elections observation project reporting on the 2019 Nigerian presidential and governorship elections. It focuses on the States of Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Akwa Ibom. The project is a joint initiative of Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) and the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room (CSSR).

The goal of Niger Delta Watch 2019 is to generate accurate information on the 2019 Nigerian election campaign as it unfolds in the Niger Delta. The information is for the benefit of the Nigerian government, its electoral agencies, security services and journalists, researchers, civil society organisations and others working to support democracy in Nigeria.

This short introductory report contains qualitative analysis of political dynamics and key incidents in the project’s target States. The reporting format and structure will be developed as the project progresses.

Future reports will include qualitative and quantitative visual analysis for Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, as well as the region as a whole. This will be based on information submitted by trained citizen Election Observers to a bespoke database developed for this project. For Akwa Ibom State, there will be a qualitative report based on a smaller number of observers.

The reports will also include analysis of social media traffic, examining issues relating to fake news and misinformation spread online concerning the Niger Delta.

Reports will be published each Monday, and more information will be provided in blog posts, in-person briefings in Abuja and Port Harcourt, and online webinars. These will provide the opportunity for report recipients to discuss the information contained in the reports with members of the project team. Read the report in full.

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