Our Partners

Civil society plays an important role in restoring confidence in democratic institutions and sustaining the momentum for transformation. It plays an invaluable role in education, mobilisation, representation, access to government, and accountability of performance. We work with a huge cross-section of local community partners and NGO’s from the Niger Delta such as youth organisations, womens groups, and community development committees. At the national level we engage with government representatives to present and discuss our work and recommendations.

Increasingly we are collaborating with local broadcast and print media to disseminate information and establish platforms for inclusive dialogue. We have contributed to television shows, documentaries, radio talk shows, radio ‘docu-dramas’ and are often invited on panel discussions. Rising internet and mobile phone penetration indicates a growing opportunity to build on this approach and increase engagement.

Our Donors

SDN has been supported by a range of financial donors, including the United Nations, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency and Reform in Nigeria, the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, Cordaid, the United States Institute for Peace, the US Conflict and Stabilisation Organisation, MacArthur Foundation, Action Aid, Ford Foundation, European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and other international level development and policy institutions like the World Bank who work on similar themes.

We are currently going through an internal process to develop a system for full disclosure of finances. In the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch for more information on previous projects or funding.