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Resource Governance

An abundance of crude oil and natural gas reserves have aggravated the organic process of nation building, with violent and destructive outcomes for the Niger Delta. Squandered revenue could be used to support the development of the region, while the local diversity in other natural resources such as forests, fisheries, and fertile soils could be utilised sustainably for the benefit of the population. Instead of empowering local communities, the approach to extraction undermines progress and exploits divisions.

Our goal is to improve the accountability and management of the regions natural resources to ensure an equitable distribution of benefits. Our objectives under this pillar are to:

  • Analyse and explain to citizens the dynamics in the changing nature of the oil and gas sector
  • Promote transparency and accountability
  • Develop alternative revenue management and distribution mechanisms
  • Strengthen the position of citizens in the distribution of the benefits of natural resource wealth
  • Develop mechanisms that will reduce negative environmental, economic and social impacts of all natural resource exploitation