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Resilient Communities

Sense of insecurity is pervasive in the Niger Delta, amplified by the impunity of the perpetrators of violence and human rights abuses, and a widely held perception that state security services are inefficient, corrupt and frequently part of the problem. In this fragile context institutional oversight is weak, and citizens are vulnerable to abuse of rights by state and non-state actors. Lack of awareness and confidence that perpetrators of abuses can be challenged and held accountable reinforces the culture of human rights abuses and impunity.

Our goal is to support resilient communities so that they have the ability as citizens to share access, or compete for power through non-violent political processes and to enjoy the collective benefits and services of the state, in order to ensure that the political, social, economic and environmental rights of citizens are upheld. Our objectives under this pillar are to:

  • Promote and track vital service access for all
  • Support economic diversification for sustainable employment in the legal economy
  • Ensure a transition from the Presidential Amnesty Programme to sustained and inclusive peace
  • Promote gender equity at the community level
  • Reduce the proliferation of small arms in the region

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