Home Democratisation


If a nation should get the type of democracy it deserves, then Nigerians deserve a better type of democracy. Citizens are passionate about issues and have no shortage of innovate suggestions on how to run the country better. Yet due to weakness in democratic processes, those that hold positions of power are not obliged to be representative nor accountable to their constituents. Our goal is to support the establishment of platforms and mechanisms to allow citizens the voice they deserve, and the interaction with political representatives that will increase downwards-facing accountability. Our objectives under this pillar are to:

  • Support free and fair elections and the enabling framework
  • Promote healthy party democracy and functioning constitutional law
  • Improve participation and representation in policy-making and service delivery
  • Promote the stigmatisation of corruption
  • Encourage informed and issue-based public debate
  • Improve the quality of service delivery, and increase access

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