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Access to Energy

The supply of grid electricity, liquid fuels and renewable alternatives is notoriously poor in Nigeria. The problem is particularly acute in the Niger Delta, where the logistical challenges of physical access and functional supply chains are barriers that prevent access for millions. Instead, private diesel generation for businesses and social services makes life expensive and noisy, while the reliance on wood fuels and kerosene for basic household needs are a key driver in deforestation and a major threat to public health.

SDN’s experience working with communities has shown us that access to reliable and affordable energy solutions is the major barrier to economic diversification. Our goal is to promote power not pollution for all communities in the Niger Delta. Our objectives under this pillar are to:

  • Promote rural electrification through decentralised off-grid solutions
  • Advance the debate around associated gas-to-power in the context of ending gas flaring
  • Mainstream the role of women in addressing energy poverty