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  • OIL SPILLS "Our Environment. Our Livelihood." Oil Spill Spotlight issue
  • GAS FLARING "Give us Power not Pollution." Gas Flaring Spotlight Issue
  • ENERGY JUSTICE "Transforming Energy Poverty to Energy Prosperity." Energy Justice
  • DEMOCRATISATION "Democracy is our Right. Let us decide our future." Democracy Spotlight Issue
  • GOVERNANCE "Strengthening Transparency and Accountability." Governance and transparency
  • WOMEN'S RIGHTS "Our voice. Our strength. Our right." Women's Rights Spotlight Issue
  • URBANISATION "Development not Demolition. Housing is our human right." Urbanisation Spotlight Issue

Latest reports and research from SDN

Environmental regulation and pollution control reportEnvironmental regulation and pollution control

As new legislation comes into play, this report finds that in relation to its laws or guidelines to protect the environment, Nigeria has a fundamental conflict between agencies of the State...

Download the full report on Environmental regulation and pollution control

Communities not Criminals reportCommunities not Criminals - Illegal Oil Refining

The report finds oil theft and illegal oil refining as an entrepreneurial free market response to local economic dysfunction, energy shortages, and the government's failure to deliver basic public services...

Read more, watch the video and download the full report on illegal oil refining

Does violence pay - reportDoes Violence Pay? - Community perceptions of violence

Exploring community perceptions of violence in the Niger Delta...

Download the full report on community perceptions of violence

What we do - our approach

What we do

Over the last decade SDN has looked for sustainable solutions to the issues facing the Niger Delta. Explore our projects through our spotlight areas to understand what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.