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  • Improving oil spill regulation, response, cleanup and compensation... Oil Spill Spotlight issue
  • Turning gas flares into power sources to supply local energy needs... Gas Flaring Spotlight Issue
  • Ensuring Niger Delta communities get a fair deal... Energy Justice
  • Strengthening democratic process and institutions... Democracy Spotlight Issue
  • Promoting good governance and transparency... Governance and transparency
  • Standing up for women's rights in the Niger Delta... Women's Rights Spotlight Issue
  • Empowering slum communities against displacement... Urbanisation Spotlight Issue

Our work in the Niger delta

We work with and support many local partner organisations and communities on the issues that affect them. Issues such as oil spill compensation claims, inter-communal conflicts, local energy needs, the struggle against slum clearance, monitoring elections, dealing with corruption and striving for environmental and social justice. Some of our recent projects are highlighted here. More can be found at the Spotlight Issues section.

Waterfront architectureSlum Architecture

AlJazeera reports on the grass-roots architectural developments in the waterfronts of Port Harcourt where forced evictions have been halted through community engagement in the planning of their lived environment - with help from SDN, CMAP, and other partners.

Nigerian Oil Spill MonitorNigerian Oil Spill Monitor

Stakeholder Democracy Network's latest digital mapping project provides the Nigerian Government regulator with a state-of-the art tool to manage data on oil spills and makes the information visible to the world.

Dawn in the CreeksDawn in the Creeks - A new Social Contract

From civil society groups to artists, youth leaders to politicians, many Niger Deltans are challenging the narrative of violence and striving for a legacy of peace and prosperity. The Dawn in the Creeks TV show is showcasing examples of non-violent change.

Dawn in the CreeksFight Corruption

The impact of corruption in Nigeria is devastating especially in the oil rich Niger Delta. SDN is joining the ongoing countrywide fight against corruption through its fightCORRUPTION work.

Find out more at the Spotlight Issues section of the website.

What we do - our approach

What we do

Over the last decade SDN has looked for sustainable solutions to the issues facing the Niger Delta.

Explore our projects through our spotlight areas to understand what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.